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Benefits of Battery VACCINE

Battery VACCINE helps to keep the battery plates clean from inside. It breaksup existing sulfation (battery killing disease) and prevents sulfation from occurring. Battery VACCINE returns batteries as close to new as possible. With normal maintanence Battery VACCINE

  • Increases Battery life
  • Slows down wear out of batteries
  • Protects from battery killing disease
  • Faster recharge time
  • Increases power efficiency
  • Greatly reduces the water consumption
  • Reduces Self discharge
  • Eliminate corrosion
  • Reduces internal resistance by up to 50%

How It Works

Battery VACCINE literally cleans batteries of sulfation buildup and restore them to normal condition. Battery VACCINE also prevents the battery killing lead-sulfate deposit on battery plates, so that the battery can release maximum power all the time.

  • New Battery

  • After 3 Years
UNTREATED Battery (Sulfated Plates)

  • New Battery

  • After 3 Years
TREATED Battery (Clean Battery Plates)

How to use

The Solution of Battery VACCINE should be added to all the six cells of a 12Volts Battery. Battery VACCINE should not be added while the battery is hot. Battery VACCINE is a chemical which should be kept out of reach of the children and handle safely with gloves.

Usage Chart

  • 12 V Battery
  • 100AH & Above - 45ml per cell
  • Retreatment every 2 years recommended

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