Stop replacing your
UPS Batteries every 3 years.
Battery Vaccine Extends its life
up to 8 Years

What Our Customers Say ?

What is Battery Vaccine?

  • Increases Battery Life for new and old
  • Slows down wear out of Batteries
  • Protects from Battery killing disease(sulfation)


  • Do not add if battery is hot (battery getting hot may be due to internal damage).
  • Battery vaccine will not repair a dead cell.

How It Works

Battery VACCINE prevent and cleans the battery killing lead-sulfate deposit on battery plates so that the battery can release maximum power all the time.

(Sulfated Plates)

  • New Battery
  • After 3 Years

(Clean Battery Plates)

  • New Battery
  • After 3 Years

How to Extend the UPS Battery Life up to 8 Years?

Add Battery Vaccine as early as possible, adding to new battery is best.

How Much Money You Save ?

"Our goal is to increase your battery life by 2x to 3x, so that we both contribute towards Green planet".
- Battery Booster Team.