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We aim to significantly reduce the number of lead-acid batteries by extending and creating a second life for them.

Battery Booster Lab was set-up with strong vision to develop innovative and cost-effective processes which can help extend life of lead acid batteries. We have a proven track record of extending the life of weak batteries and also reclaiming dead batteries.

Battery Booster has specialized technology that is able to enhance the performance and increase the life span of lead-acid batteries. Using Advanced Intelligent Refurbishing System, we are able to turn used batteries into working batteries once again, directly reducing lead-acid waste.

Battery Booster considers itself as a pioneer in the field of battery life extension and battery refurbishment for various types of batteries.

Battery Booster has developed an end-to-end, innovative and unique solution, utilizing state-of-the-art technology. Our solution is designed to significantly reduce the costs of battery maintenance. The entire process is supported by a green, environmental approach.

Our Vision, Our Mission

  • We feel we all have a responsibility to our environment and to future generations.

    From a single person, to a huge multi-national corporation, we are all the keepers of this earth. It is our duty to be aware of our environment and to limit our affect on it. We are simply guests here and have no more ownership rights than any other creature here. But where do we start? How do we reduce our pollution and improve the health of our world? Can we really expect to make a difference one person at a time?

    Being eco-conscious doesn't have to be at odds with economics and profitability. They can co-exist, and our Battery Refurbishing technology is our solution and our response. We are able to have a positive affect on our environment with just our usual day to day operations. We do this by extending the life of "spent" lead acid batteries…by the thousands. For every battery we process, there is one less battery that is contaminating our environment and one last battery we need to produce new, which only uses up even more resources. By stepping in between the end user, and the recycling facility, as well as extending the usable life span of a lead acid battery, we all benefit.

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