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Our Environment

Our environment is your environment

At Battery Booster, we are serious about the health of our environment and our affect on it. We want our children and our children's children to enjoy our earth and all it has to offer as we have been able to do. All too often, it's just more convenient or just plain cheaper to pollute then to do the responsible thing. We, however, choose to be responsible. We pride ourselves in running a safe and clean operation, for both our employees and our environment.

How Batteries Can Pollute Our Environment

When lead acid batteries are improperly disposed of, the acid is absorbed into the soil and leaks into our natural waterways, causing serious contamination. In addition, the lead found in batteries can also contaminate the environment causing all sorts of serious problems. To make matters worse, lead tends to naturally concentrate, and the more lead, the bigger the problem.

In fact, for people, exposure to lead can cause serious long term health issues, even death if ingested in high amounts. Reclaiming resources like lead not only protects the environment, but also conserves energy and preserves our natural raw materials.

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